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Vela spila | Prehistoric archaeological site

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Vela spila is located on the southern slope of the hill Pinski rat, at 130 m above the bay of Kale in Vela Luka, and one of the ...


Read the latest entertainment from Vela Spila, as well as other archaeological sites on the island of Korcula and the southern Adriatic.

About us from media

NY Times: Archaeologists at Vela Spila, an island cave in Croatia, found dozens of ceramic shards that are 15,000 to 17,500 years old.


Learn about traces at certain time intervals that have been found in the Vela spila.

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Continuation of archaeological research necropolis prehistoric ruins "Kopila 2013"

Continuation of archaeolo…

Yesterday , archaeologists dr. sc. Dinko Radic and dr. Igor Borzić the tomb necropolis rui...

No comments 18-10-2013

BLATO - began a new archaeological research on the Kopila 2013

BLATO - began a new archa…

Organized by the Municipality Blato , under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture , cont...

No comments 17-10-2013

Whole Korcula island is the most important prehistoric site in the Mediterranean.

Whole Korcula island is t…

Thanks to its strategic position on the Adriatic, Korcula has played an important role in ...

No comments 15-10-2013

Archaeological campaigns in Vela Spila

Archaeological campaigns …

They started a new archaeological research campaign 2013th in Vela cave . It will take thi...

No comments 15-10-2013

Results of the research of urban settlements Kopila at Blata

Results of the research o…

In Sibenik International Science Congress held Illyrica Antiqua - ob honorem Duje criticis...

No comments 15-10-2013

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